What to Serve With Stuffed Peppers: The Top 10 You Need to Try

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Sep 21
What to Serve With Stuffed Peppers

What I love about preparing and creating delicious recipes is how it all matches other types of food and drinks. One thing you might be wondering would be what to serve with stuffed peppers. If you plan on whipping up a savory and delicious dish of stuffed peppers, then you will need to make sure that you have an equally appealing dish or drink to pair it with to complete the meal.

But with the many types of ideas and main courses ready for you to create, it may seem difficult figuring out what you should be having. So what can you match with this unique and colorful dish? Read on as I show you the ten best ones!


What to Know About Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers come in many varieties from around the world. These are hollowed out bell peppers stuffed with various types of filling then fried or baked in the oven until the peppers are scorched, and the fillings are evenly-cooked.

Usually, bell peppers are stuffed with meat and cheese, sometimes with peppers or served as a taco, like in Mexico. Sometimes it's eaten alone, but other times there are delicious sides to accompany the meat and cheese, such as rice or other forms of carbs. But we'll be getting to the pairing suggestions in the next section!

Making stuffed bell peppers is very easy and done according to your preference. For some tips to make it simpler and more delicious, here are some points to follow:

  • Use a slow cooker liner to make it easier to clean up and with a better texture.
  • Stuff green peppers only to about 3/4 of the bell pepper and sprinkle cheese on top to bake, allowing it to melt and have a delicious flavor.
  • Scorch the peppers for a smokier appearance and taste. I recommend that you bake it for 45 minutes for optimum flavor and a well-cooked pepper.

What To Serve With Stuffed Peppers

Now that you know about stuffed bell peppers, what are the best things you can pair it with for a meal? Whether you want a main course or a nice drink to match your bell peppers, here are the top ten you can try:

Potato Chips

You can never go wrong with chips! If you're going for a cheesy stuffed pepper, then you can have it act as an edible bowl for dipping and let the homemade potato chips be an excellent pairing to use as an afternoon snack.

It also goes well as an appetizer as well. So if you're adding a lot of cheese to your stuffed peppers, go for the lightly salted chips, either homemade or store-bought. For even more flavors, opt for flavored chips, such as sour cream or cheese! It makes snacks fun and more delicious for the kids.


Stuffed peppers have a bit of spice in them, and though I'm sure it isn't exactly piping hot you'll need water, you'll want to balance out the spice and savory flavors with something a bit sweet and neutral, like polenta. It can be served as a hot porridge, creamy and delicious especially when you add a bit of butter and cheese to it.

 I would prefer that the polenta is a bit light for stuffed peppers with fewer seasonings to not overpower the peppers itself, though what you add is entirely up to you. It's easy to make as well, so it's a classic and puts more of a unique twist to your peppers

Vegetable Salads

Just like many types of dishes, vegetable salads go well with the stuffed peppers, adding more of a health kick! It's ideal for those who would like to have the peppers as a main dish but without the excess calories. For those who want something crunchy, I would go for a salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.

You can opt for a basic salad like this, or a cucumber salad sprinkled with apple cider vinegar and pepper, which gives a bright feel to the stuffed peppers. It's easy to mix and a great addition to the savory and filling bell peppers.


You've got to have a carb to go with your stuffed peppers, especially when you plan on loading it with protein and fat such as cheese and meat. So if you intend on making it a meaty stuffed pepper, then I recommend you to go for healthy carbs and starches such as potatoes. Whether it's a sweet potato or the russet potato, whatever works for you.

I love marbled or roasted potatoes with my peppers, or even mashed potatoes work as well. For the kids and picky eaters, try making potato fries that are lightly salted. Just like chips, it can be dipped to your stuffed peppers for a yummy treat.

Wine and Beer

Do you feel like the stuffed peppers may be too filling for you to add another dish? For those who want to add a bit of sophistication or to complete a big meal, then go for a drink that complements well with the savory flavors. The best drinks to pair with the peppers would be either wine or beer.

Bell peppers have a unique tang and natural flavors which react to alcohol so that I would recommend a full-bodied Chardonnay and any selection of quality red wine. Choose light and delicate wines so that you can highlight the flavor of the stuffed peppers. Sweet wines will work best, taming the complexity of the meaty filling.

Fruit Salad

Like what I mentioned above, you will want something a bit sweet to balance out the savory flavors of the bell peppers. Not only can you try polenta or sweet wines, but a nice fruit salad for those who are healthy and what a nice, tangy flavor is great!

I recommend a bright salad loaded with a mix of sweet and tangy flavors, such as mangoes, watermelon, or even grapes and apples. It's a great side dish to complement the cheesy and filling meat. It's also very refreshing, especially when served straight from the fridge.


Nothing beats a delicious cup of rice, which can fill you up very quickly. It has a neutral taste and the perfect consistency, especially if you want something a bit more "harder" than polenta or porridge. Its flavor will be able to balance and tame the complexity and burst of flavors you get out of the stuffed peppers.

But remember to just stick to one cup and void too much, as the sugar and calories end up going straight to your waistline!


For those who aren't a fan of rice or porridge but want a carb source to neutralize the flavors but still complement the peppers, then the bread is an excellent way to go.

You can have it as a soup bowl (a sweet and creamy soup will pair well with the stuffed peppers as well!) or as garlic bread, which will strengthen the flavors of your peppers. Even simply buttered toast or soft and chewy bread will do wonders.

Roasted Vegetables

If you want a smokier flavor to your vegetables and want it healthy, then baking or roasting it will give you the burst of flavors that will match your stuffed peppers without overpowering the main dish.

I am in LOVE with roasted carrots or mushrooms sautéed with onions, as it gives out a healthy and earthy taste to go with the indulgent meat and cheese I use to stuff my peppers with.

Bonus Dessert

And of course, while you can use any of these pairings as an appetizer, drink, or main dish with your peppers, you've got to have a sweet and happy ending right after.

I would recommend a mixture of sweet and savory, such as a meat pie or cheesecake, with the latter offering a sweet tang that makes it an ideal finish to your sumptuous meal.

In Conclusion

With stuffed peppers, you can create a variety of flavors with whatever you have at home or would depend on what you crave for. As long as you pair it with the right type of side dishes or drinks, you will be able to love the combination of flavors it has to offer and giving you the ultimate meal you've always wanted.

Hopefully, this list on what to serve with stuffed peppers helped you become more knowledgeable on what you should be made to pair with this yummy and simple dish. So don't wait any longer and start preparing a fancy meal all your loved ones will appreciate today.

If ever you would like to ask a question or share your tips and experiences with pairing stuffed bell peppers, thence moment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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