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Dec 23
what do scallops taste like

I have always been fond of scallops, which are one of the delicacies of the sea. A lot of people haven't tried it yet, and it isn't because they can't find it in their local area, but because they are hesitant of its taste! You'll be surprised to know what flavors it can bring to your taste buds, as this type of seafood has a lot to offer.

So if you are wondering: "What do scallops taste like?" Then read on as I'll be talking about this type of seafood and everything you need to know about achieving the perfect flavors!


What Are Scallops In The First Place?

For those who aren't familiar with scallops, let me explain what they are first.

Scallops are small and squishy white discs, a marine bivalve mollusk. These are sea creatures with hinged shells, which can grow to nine inches in size. The shellfish is similar to clams, though flatter. And contrary to their looks, scallops are animals that have eyes and can swim! What you eat is their adductor muscle, which is about two inches in diameter.

There are three main types of scallops:

  • Sea scallops are two inches in diameter and are the most common type of scallops, found everywhere all year round.
  • Bay scallops are around from October to March, which is smaller than sea scallops.
  • Calico scallops are found from December to May, harvested in Southern Atlantic or U.S. Golf coasts. They are perfectly sealed, compared to other scallops.

We'll be getting to their taste in the next section!

What Do Scallops Taste Like?

People brand scallops as can do of the sea, as it has that unique and sweet taste you usually won't find when eating food found underwater.

Sometimes, they are described to have a similar flavor as crab, lobster, or shrimp, with a firmer consistency. What differs is their sweet and delicate flavors. But it isn't just their sweet taste that makes them so interesting, but its texture! They are a bit slimy with a soft and fleshy texture, with some scallops being best described as chewy and soft like a marshmallow.

Bay scallops are sweeter than sea scallops, while calico scallops have a milder flavor because they are perfectly sealed before harvested. Whichever scallop you choose, they have the soft and neutral texture and that sweet taste that isn't overpowering and just right, making it a must-try!

Scallops are also popular because they are exquisite and healthy, which have lean-protein and a lot of vitamins. And, they have a unique flavor and consistency, a refresher from the usual fish. While they can be quite expensive, depending on where you are from, they are a fantastic dinner option. It's a special treat that can be cooked in any way while still tasting great- provided that you cook it thoroughly.

How To Cook Delicious Scallops

Just like all types of ingredients, scallops will only taste delicious if cooked right! So if you want to know how to cook scallops to appreciate, here are some tips to follow:

  • Make sure that you purchase the quality scallops, which smell and feel fresh. Fresh scallops must be firm, wet, and clear. They will also have tight covers. Scallops that are too soft mean they aren't ripe.
  • Before using the scallops, wash it many times with clean water to remove all dirt found around the shell and inside the scallop.
  • You can enjoy scallops as a form of sashimi to highlight its gentle sweetness.
  • If you want a tasty dish, steam, poach or fry scallops. Only heat it up for a few minutes to avoid overcooking it, as scallops cook very quickly. If cooked for too long, it will taste bland and have a hard, rubbery consistency that no one will appreciate! After frying it, I recommend you to mix it with fries.
  • When preparing scallops to cook or serve, do not leave them out to dry and do not fry too many in a pan. You'll know when scallops are perfect if they have a shining golden crust. Two minutes per side is just right.

In Conclusion

And there you have it! Scallops are one of the tastiest seafood you can quickly cook and serve to your loved ones. I know I love it! And with its perfect consistency and flavors from the waters, you'll surely want to give this a try.

I hope that this article answered your question: "What do scallops taste like?" Now that you are more acquainted with scallops and its flavors, why now purchase fresh scallops from your local market and start experimenting in the kitchen today?

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and experiences with cooking delicious scallops, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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