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Mar 06

Buying a gear for our kitchen room is meant to be helping us the best way possible, make our lives simpler day by day. Yet, there are accidents happened at home due to misuse gears or not paying attention to the essential guidelines. And this is especially crucial when you buy a meat grinder.

When using a meat grinder, please check the manual. Then, you will discover actions such as ‘’ fire, burns, injuries or even death may occur if the appliance is not used rightly’’. Such guidelines should be taken seriously. But what is the best, safest way to use a grinder? Is it different using a manual meat grinder or an electric meat grinder? Below are some tips:


Manual Meat Grinder’s Safety Tips

  • People who go for a manual meat grinder generally know that they will not be using it often, which is an ideal reason, but is not an enough factor. To use a manual meat grinder, you have to have the correct strength to push, turn and press the meat into the manual meat grinder. If you are a housewife, whose body is not used to fixing too much physical effort. For this reason, setting such effort into grinding your flesh might cause you bad pain.
  • You might have a pulled bruise, hamstring and contusions in your arms if you disregard the fatigue this meat grinder causes you and reject to stop. Hence, you will pay a fortune to cure your pain. It will far surpass the cash you saved purchasing a manual meat grinder. Frankly, such meat grinder will be much better than an electrical one.
  • Also, when fixing up your manual meat grinder, please ensure to tighten all the screws firmly and tightly. Because it might slip off while grinding your meat when a screw of the meat grinder is left loose. Hence, it might cause ineligible injuries. Most manual meat grinders now come with a setting that is simply and simple to disassemble to any tough surface. The best surface to add your manual meat grinder is 1.5-2’’ marble surface. In order to ensure the ability of a meat grinder, such surface won’t break freely.

Electrical Meat Grinder’s Safety Tips

  • Before purchasing your electric meat grinder, make assured to go for the 1 that best suits your kitchen need, If, you need a meat grinder for your house, 1 that you will only use rarely. Buying a big and heavy 1 that is generally only used as a butcher shop for dense use is not a wise move on your part. Not only you will suffer all time you need to store it and take it out to use it, but it will reason you many pains to carry up and down, as well as it might cause a power shortage if plugged in the damage or wrong cable, as a lot of these grinders need a specifically prepared electricity plug, unlike the 1 you have in the house.
  • Like a manual meat grinder, make assured your electrical meat grinder is put on a strong surface. When assembling your meat grinder, make assured you have taken off all the tape and packing, as well as that you is attaching the grinder’s pieces to other correctly, just like in the manual. Attaching the pieces the wrong way might reason the meat grinder to break.
  • While grinding your meat, make assured your hands are on the accurate distance from the grinder plate and the blade. Electrical meat grinders require special caution when it comes to grinding. When you use a manual 1, it is simple to stop when your hand is close to the cutting blades, but an electric meat grinder will automatically continue grinding your meat, which needs you to be a bit more cautious.

So, you obviously follow these tips while you use meat grinder, because, life is very important and expensive.


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