Onion Juice And Its Benefits For Hair Treatment

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Mar 19
Onion Juice

Onion is not only good vegetable, but it is also good medication for your hair problem. Onion juice contains some kind of chemical compound which may help you deal with the hair fall problem. The sulfur compound of this juice of onion vegetable is good for helping the regeneration of your hair.


This sulfur is regenerating the hair follicle and decrease inflammation. Don’t think much about the smell and lot of tears you may create in making this juice; it is so simple that you don’t have to be afraid in complicated process.

There is several choice of tool you may use to make onion juice, spread from traditional until the sophisticated one. First, you may choose the most common tool to make it, yes it is knife. You have to chop some onion to make a juice.

Then you may also use the box grater which put into a bowl, so that the grated onion will be placed into the bowl directly. Then the third tool to use is blender and juicer. This modern tool is almost everywhere, you only have to chop the onion become some little chops before you put into these tools.


After being chopped, grated, or mashed, you have to take the extract of onion by using strainer. However, by using a juicer you don’t have to do that, since it has already resulting in extract. Onion juice is ready to be applied on your hair. Let it for about an hour. Don’t forget to wash it after you finish.

For maximum beneficial of onion juice, it is better for you to combine it with honey. This combination will help you in regenerating the follicle and grow your hair. It really helps you solving the hair fall problems and growing your hair intensively. You should apply this combination routinely for best result.

The nature extract of this combination will help you solving your problem naturally without any side effect like the artificial one. Juice from onion substance has been used since many years ago and it is proved works effectively.

We may find it more difficult and more complicated when it comes to some herb medication or treatment, but if we find for more effective use onion juice without any side effect of the artificial substance, we better use this kind of natural substance to overcome some health problems. Patience and careful treatment to get the best result is the important aim to be remembered in using any kind of natural treatment.


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