How To Make Wonderful Grilled Chicken Wings For Your Lunch


Apr 21

With the following grilled chicken wings recipe, you will serve yourself a nutritious dish to help support your brain, without having hesitative thought of what to eat for lunch.

In the cool weather, a hot crispy chicken wings with salt and pepper dish will make anyone feel cravings. The way to make this meal is extremely simple, you absolutely can do for your family’s lunch now!


How To Make Wonderful Grilled Chicken Wings For Your Lunch

1. Ingredients and equipment

To make the salt and pepper chicken wings dish, the indispensable ingredients comprise of:

  • 16 pieces of chicken wings, just grab the middle segment, cleanly washed
  • 300ml Sake wine
  • Freshly ground salt and pepper
  • A piece of lemon
  • An air fryer
  • Different types of spices and fish sauce

Why should we mention of an air fryer here? Basically, it is a new modern kitchen appliance which supports you in cooking by providing hot air surround the food. This type of product has increasingly attracted the consumers as it requires less oil for fried dishes.

Thus, this healthier alternative for traditionally fried foods will help us in reducing the risk of hypertension, cancer, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the fried chicken wings which were processed using the air fryer can easily beat the traditional dishes in the color, the taste, the smell, the hardness, the crispness and the oiliness.

There is only one small drawback of the air fryer is your food sometimes does not look as well as the traditionally cooked one. However, we will assist you to overcome this disadvantage in the food decoration part at the end of this article.

2. Cooking Steps

After preparing and pre-processing all necessary ingredients along with equipment, let’s start cooking our grilled chicken wings with salt and pepper by following these below steps:

- Firstly, you should put the chicken wings soaked in alcohol (Sake wine) for 10-15 minutes to remove the odor. In the process of soaking, you have to flip back and forth so the chicken wings are completely deodorized by alcohol. Then you pick out the chicken wings and dry them in the paper towel.

dry them in the paper towel

Soaking the chicken wings in alcohol and dry them in paper towel

- By having an air fryer, you would be much easier to grill food and your speed of cooking increases accordingly. You only need to spicy delicious food in preparation for the barbecue. You can pour fish sauce to the chicken wings after slit slightly their skin.

- For the grilled chicken wings with salt and pepper, you put gradually chicken wings on a baking tray, please let the flavored chicken wing side with skin down. Then you sprinkle salt and pepper just enough to that side. Next, flip up chicken wings and sprinkle salt and pepper to the other side and then flip them.

fish sauce to the chicken wings after

Pour fish sauce to the chicken wings after slit slightly their skin to make it absorb evenly

- Now you keep a chicken tray in normal temperature to ensure all the spices, salt and pepper mixed with the wings. Then, you roast one side of the chicken wings for 15 minutes, flip them and roast the other side for 10 minutes. That is enough time for you to roast the chicken wings be well done.

- You should also pay attention during frying process to see whether the chicken wings were completely ripe or not. Because the frying time depends much on the size of chicken wings. The larger size they are, the more time we need. If the wings have not yet crispy, you can fry a few more minutes to have a perfect dish.


Salt and pepper chicken wings are served with hot rice fragrant

3. Decoration

You can decorate the dish with some types of vegetables such as coriander, salad, tomato, cucumber. These vegetables will add colors to make your dish more vivid and appetizing.

One important thing is to eat salt and pepper chicken wings when they are still hot! The salt and pepper made the chicken wings tasty. The skin of chicken wings was fried as browned and crispy with the fragrant smell of pepper. The inside meat of chicken is soft, sweet and well-cook.

All of these descriptions prove of a very delicious dish for your lunch. The salt and pepper chicken wings dish will taste better when you serve with salad, fries and ketchup or chutney.

Wish you successful implementation pepper chicken wings delicious baked them!


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