The Heartiest French Meals To Get You Through Winter

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Jan 21

Winter is here with us. Therefore, this is the time to consume as much carbohydrate as possible for the cold months that are coming. France is certainly the nation for it. However, a warning- your waistline may grow bigger. Where you think about France, you should not think about the rich hearty dishes.

Here, the cuisine is refined completely. However, the French are known for having a wide array of amazing meals for winter, with a number of the dishes borrowed from Switzerland.


This Article Will Highlight Some Of The Best French Dishes To Get You Through Winter:


Image illustrative de l'article Pot-au-feu


This is one of the best stews that feature various kinds of meat, root vegetable and marrow bones. It is also easy to prepare the stew, you only need to cook them under low heat for some time. The vegetables, meat and broth come as separate meals. The food is also served with spicy Dijon mustard, horseradish as well as pickled gherkins. The bone marrow usually poured on toasted pieces of bread, but this may not be a great idea for everyone.

Onion Soup

The onion soup is famous even beyond French borders and with a great reason. First of all, it is easy to prepare and it is a great stew to warm you up during the cold season. The recipe has a number variations to the recipe, but they are equally delicious. You can use the soup with a slice of bread. You can also go with the gratineed to make a layer of cheese.


If you love mashed potato, then you will definitely love this dish. It is a meal from the Aubrac region. What you need to do is to mash the potato with cream, butter, cheese and garlic until you get the best texture. Some of the cheese from the area that are normally preferred include Tomme de Laguiole or Tomme d’Auvergne. If you can’t manage to get these, then you can also use cheddar and mozzarella.



Alsace is a region in France that borders Germany and it is famously known for this dish. The Backoeffe is a kind of stew that features cubes of beef, mutton and pork. For best results, you need to marinate before you cook them under low heat with veggies in a casserole.


During this cold season, you cannot survive without the famous dish from Savoie. It is also simple make, tasty and the best to rejuvenate after a long day at work. Choose from a variety of cheese such as Gruyere or Appenzell.

Boeuf Bourguignon

This tasty meat meal is one of the most eaten recipes in Burgundy and it also famous in other areas outside of France. It is prepared with cuts from carrots, onions, beef, pancetta and celery. To enjoy the meal, you need to use the Burgundy red wine marinade as well as the source.


This is also one of the best dishes to consume during winter. The main ingredient in this meal is potato gratin with bacon and onions wrapped with melted reblochon cheese. In addition, you should ensure you sort out a proper appetite before you dig into this meal.


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