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Aug 09

GoWISE USA is a general manufacturing company whose stated mission is to help save the Earth, help you save money, and improve your lifestyle. This company makes a variety of air fryers; current prices range from $69 to $315. Amazon customer reviews give all models four to five out of five stars.


Top three reasons why people choose GoWISE USA air fryers:

  1. "To cook healthy...using little oil" is the dominant refrain in customer reviews. While some air fryer manufacturers recommend using a little oil, GoWISE USA says, "You can use oil if you want to." (One reviewer complained that the food came out too dry for his taste. He might have wanted to try brushing or spraying oil on the food before air-frying.)
  2. Accessibility. Three out of four reviews of the most popular GoWISE USA air fryer mention its touch-screen controls.
  3. To cook "fast food" at home. One customer raved, "Actually like the taste of frozen fries better than the fast food variety."

Top questions and answers about GoWISE USA air fryers:

1. How is it possible to bake a cake in an air fryer?

Answer: Unfortunately, last year some sellers advertised this possibility before the necessary cake pan became available, which became the most common complaint about this brand. The cake pan is sold separately.

2. How much room does it take up?

Answer: Current models are about a foot square and weigh 12-15 pounds. Like other air fryers, they heat up in use and need enough counter space that they won't touch anything else.

3. Can it cook fresh or frozen foods?

Answer: Both, and it gets good reviews for cooking both. New fryers come with recipe books.

4. Where is it made?

Answer: Like so many products these days, they're designed in the United States and manufactured in China.

5. Is it hard to clean?

Answer: GoWISE USA fryers are reviewed as easy to clean. The fryer basket and cake pan lift out and fit into a dishwasher rack.


GoWISE USA Air fryers seem to be vulnerable to shipping damage; most unfavorable reviews of this product describe fryers that were damaged in shipping. However, the majority of reviews for GoWISE USA air fryers are favorable. Out of hundreds of reviews, enough gave these products full marks to keep every model's Amazon rating at four out of five stars or higher.


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