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Desserts With Benefits​
Mar 31

3 Easy Delicious Desserts With Benefits: Healthy Dishes For Sweet Tooths

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My favorite part of any meal has got to be dessert! The sweet ending is a highlight, with a ton of choices. From ice cream to a warm slice of chocolate cake, it refreshes your palate and has you feel the sugar rush and happiness! But of course, with the massive amount of sugar and calories, this guilty pleasure needs to be toned down a bit. Fortunately, there are deserts with benefits you can find in your grocery store or try making yourself!

Wondering what these desserts are so you can be healthier? Read on as I show you the three best desserts with benefits you can have after a delicious meal!

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what do scallops taste like
Dec 23

What Do Scallops Taste Like? The Surprising Answers Here!

Cooking Tips

I have always been fond of scallops, which are one of the delicacies of the sea. A lot of people haven't tried it yet, and it isn't because they can't find it in their local area, but because they are hesitant of its taste! You'll be surprised to know what flavors it can bring to your taste buds, as this type of seafood has a lot to offer.

So if you are wondering: "What do scallops taste like?" Then read on as I'll be talking about this type of seafood and everything you need to know about achieving the perfect flavors!

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Oct 10

The Four Easy Ways on How to Reheat Chicken Wings

Cooking Tips

One of my favorite dishes would have to be chicken wings! It's effortless to make, and it gives off the fiery flavors that I've always wanted in fried chicken wings. I always tend to make more than what my family and I can finish.

And when I store it in the fridge, my problem is having to reheat it. No one would like the taste of leftover chicken wings, especially if it wasn't appropriately reheated! That's why I realized that you're going to need to put a bit more effort into reheating your wings, and it isn't just through zapping it on a plate.

So if you're wondering how to reheat chicken wings, read on as I show you the methods that work!

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peanut oil substitute
Sep 23

7 Substitute for Peanut Oils You Might Not Know About

Cooking Tips

If you have been cooking for a while, then you might always have peanut oil in your kitchen. Peanut oil is popular because it has no cholesterol or trans fat and most people prefer it because of its heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. It’s best for pan frying and deep frying because it has a high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit and resistance to damage.

However, it’s inevitable that we ran out of supplies or ingredients in our kitchen. Instead of leaving your recipe for a quick shop at supermarkets, there are other oils you can use as a substitute for peanut oil. We are happy to share a list of the alternatives of peanut oil. Just read on and enjoy.

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