The 6 Meals, Very Beneficial For Bone And Calcium-rich

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Feb 24

Our body needs a lot of different types of foods are eaten. Our bodies vitamins, minerals, protein provides a variety of foods. In addition, many of the necessary elements in our body of calcium.

Calcium is an important task because our body is the body’s bone density. Let us know about such things, which are calcium-rich foods helps to strengthen bones in our body.


1. Milk:

A calcium-rich milk is the best food. It is not only for adults but also for children is a necessary food. It is easily digested and absorbed in the body in which such a food is causing physical growth and helps to strengthen bones.

2. Curd:

It is a food rich in protein. It contains healthy bacteria that helps digestion. It also contains about 400 mg of calcium, which is stronger bones.

3. Beans:

There are plenty of calcium on bone density beans. The different varieties of beans you can eat to increase calcium.

4. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Green leafy vegetables are plenty of different types of calcium. For example, various greens, turnip, Cabbage, lettuce leaves, mushroom contains plenty of calcium, which helps build up bone

5. Various Medicinal And Spice:

That is, different types of herb basil leaves, mint leaves, cinnamon and spicy foods such as garlic, etc. There is plenty of calcium in the bones of the body is strong.

6. Orange:

The orange citrus fruits are not only rich in calcium and vitamin D for strong bones are there. Therefore, a glass of orange juice at breakfast every morning, you can eat and the body needs calcium to strengthen bones.

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