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Enjoy dinners with Delicious dinner recipes

Delicious dinner recipes can be a boon to wind up an otherwise hectic and stressful working day. Of course, they are most welcome for weekends, get-togethers and parties. All recipes make our life easy and our work light, as all thinking and research have already been done. We need to think of variety, calories, healthy ingredients, proportions, taste, cooking time and budget while cooking and with all this we get ready-made along with delicious dinner recipes.

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Cornbread Stuffing

I think most people love stuffing at Thanksgiving. Whether you call it stuffing or dressing, you cannot have turkey without it. When I was younger, I remember my mother stuffing the turkey with it. But as the years went on, she moved away from that and started to cook it on the side, like most people have done. I definitely prefer it cooked in a separate dish because I like crispy edges and you do not have to worry if the stuffing has been cooked all the way through. I also remember growing up on Stove Top stuffing and I thought there was nothing better. Then as I got older, my mom started making her stuffing from scratch with cornbread and you can definitely taste the difference. Fresh is always best! I prefer to use cornbread over regular bread because I like my stuffing to have a slight sweetness to it.

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Simple Golden Sweet Cornbread

It is definitely that time of the year…Thanksgiving! Every foodie and cook’s favorite holiday of the year!!! As most people have their menus planned out for the big day on Thursday, there are a few people still comparing recipes and deciding what they are going to make. So, the next few days of recipes are for you. I, too, can sometimes be very last minute and change or alter what I am going to cook. So here’s to help…

Now cornbread is not a traditional dish at most dinners on Thanksgiving, but it is important in making Cornbread Stuffing. And this is a great recipe to have on hand for making a Simple Golden Sweet Cornbread. This is a traditional cornbread recipe with flour, cornmeal, a leavening agent, sugar, buttermilk, eggs, and butter.

Make sure to mix the dry ingredients in one bowl to make sure the baking powder and soda are incorporated and then mix in the other ingredients. This is considered a sweet cornbread, but it is mildly sweet compared to other cornbreads. It really just depends on your sweetness level. You can always adjust the sugar accordingly.

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Caraway Puffs

Is it just me? Or are you always looking for new dinner roll recipes. I am not sure how dinner rolls originated, but they now have become a stable at many dinner tables Whether you are entertaining for the holidays or just having a family dinner, these Caraway Puffs can add a little special something to your dinner.

Caraway puffs get their name from using caraway seeds. Caraway seeds have a unique aroma and are often used in rye breads. In this recipe, I used black caraway seeds, which are aromatic with a peppery bite. You can use whatever caraways seeds you have on hand, but I prefer the black ones. What else makes these rolls different? The sour cream! The sour cream makes these rolls soft with a slight tang. These rolls also contain sugar. The recipe states to use 1/3 cup of sugar, but I have also made these with 1/4 cup of sugar. If you would like to decrease your sugar intake, the puffs come out good either way.

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