Health Benefits of Using a food dehydrator


Food dehydrators are able to provide a great deal of foods with the same nutrition, protein as well as vitamins as fresh ones. Additionally, it can contain a significant amount of enzymes.


With 75% of its moisture removed, food can be preserved much better with its basic nutrition stays the same. Moisture is the biggest threat of food deterioration. Over-dry is always more preferable than under dry when it comes to preserving food. After being dehydrated, food should be packed in the airtight containers like jars or bags to prevent all possible chance for moisture to be back.  The dehydrated food should also be placed in a cool and lack-of-light area. As a statement of Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science at Brigham Young University once stated that properly dehydrated rice products which are carefully canned and preserved will be able to last 30 years. The number of vegetables, fruits is also 30 while dairy products can last up to 20 years.

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Not many know that dehydrated food is not a new invention of humankind. In fact, this method of preserving food has been used in Biblical times, in necessary cases of course. Nowadays, experts also prove that the up-to-date food dehydrators can make a product with much thinner material while still be able to keep all its vitamins. Vitamin C would hardly be lost in dehydrating process and all A and Beta Carotene ones would be retained. Additionally, minerals are not exceptions. Important minerals as selenium or magnesium are all well-preserved.

Economical and suitable

While dried foods are extremely expensive, food dehydrator offers you a good chance to have the exact same kind of food with a reasonable price as well as better quality. Besides, the using period of these dehydrator foods are at a considerable level of long, could be up to decades.

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