Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender Review

Blenders are my favorite countertop appliances in the world. Whether I’m trying to slightly puree some food for a dish or I’m looking to make an extremely healthy beverage before yoga, blenders are the machine that gets the home run. You must be thinking, “but it’s a hand blender, how good could it possibly be?” You must underestimate the power a great device with a little bit of assistance is.

It’s also worth mentioning that you won’t be getting carpal tunnel from this machine, as it is electric powered – you just have to hold it in place. Not only does this allow for optimal control, but it lifts a weight off your shoulders and stops you from thinking you have to do all of the blending! Your hands around the tube allow perfect balance, so there’s no wobbling and food flying everywhere – that’s all!


Cuisinart Smart Stick 2 Speed Hand Blender Review

The Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender is one of those rare gems that many people overlook because of the hand blender stigma. Composed of stainless steel, the hand blender features include:

  • Blending capabilities, whisk, and chopper/grinder attachments
  • 16-ounce measuring beaker
  • 200-watt motor
  • Push-button control for continuous power or pulse action

Besides the functionality of the Cuisinart Hand Blender, the ease of use and comfort of this blender is fantastic. Ergonomically well-created, the Cuisinart has a comfort grip handle and wonderful architecture to help you partake in blending with minimal effort. The number of attachments this hand blender has isn’t overwhelming, as you won’t be losing pieces in that pesky “junk” drawer in your kitchen, but it has enough features to allow you versatility in the kitchen.

Use the included measuring beaker to make precise measurements and create the perfect blend of your choosing. As for the 200-watt motor, you won’t have to worry about the power being close to none, as this motor gets the job done. Whether your food or beverage needs pulse control or continuous blending, you get to make sure it’s done the way you want and need.

The only disadvantage of this hand blender is that the whisk attachment is lightweight. For those reading thing as automatically saying, “Not purchasing!’ Let me finish! The lightweight aspect of it doesn’t interfere with the performance of whipping thicker materials, so don’t let this scare you off! Whether you have thick cream or meringue, the whisk can do the job perfectly.

Because I’m not that great of a cook or “blender,” I found comfort in knowing how reliable this hand blender is. Not only is it great at what it advertises, but it also comes with a recipe booklet for those like myself who need a bit of guidance in the kitchen. For those who need to puree often for themselves or family members (due to dietary restrictions and medical issues), this stick blender is capable of going far and beyond what you need. Overall, I highly recommend this innovative and sleek Cuisinart Hand Blender and think it’s a staple piece in any home.

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