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Air fryers circulate hot air around food to cook food in a way that’s similar to deep fat frying, but without the fat. Shoppers who are new to the concept of air frying might wonder how well these devices work. Here’s a summary of the customer reviews for four popular brands of air fryers: Philips, GoWISE USA, Avalon Bay, Big Boss, and Cozyna…

Big Boss Air Fryer Reviews  


Big Boss manufactures several kitchen appliances. Their air fryers are distinctive because, like Big Boss convection ovens, they consist of a transparent round bowl below the heating unit, in which cooks can watch food brown. All the different models and colors use only 1300 watts, retail for $75-175, and average 3.5 to 4.5 out of 5 stars at Amazon. (A blue-topped model currently rates five out of five…on only one review.)

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Avalon Bay Air Fryer Reviews  


Avalon Bay is a more specialized manufacturer currently offering just three products: ice makers, coolers for wine bottles, and air fryers. The air fryers inspired enough customer loyalty to launch one independent web page where a customer and friends had posted, as of August 7, 2015, ten recipes. Avalon Bay air fryers retail for about $100.

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GoWISE USA Air Fryer Reviews


GoWISE USA is a general manufacturing company whose stated mission is to help save the Earth, help you save money, and improve your lifestyle. This company makes a variety of air fryers; current prices range from $69 to $315. Amazon customer reviews give all models four to five out of five stars.

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Philips Air Fryer Reviews


For those of you who are searching for complete and comprehensive Philips Air Fryer reviews, this is may just be what you are looking for. Here, we will outline everything you need to know about the Philips Airfryer – from what it is up to the frequently asked questions about this particular product.

It is rather common to see new kitchen and cooking appliances being introduced to the market year after year. While some of them are completely new innovations, there are others which are simply upgrades to an already existing product and being marketed as current and contemporary.

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