Rosemary Fried Potatoes with Air Fryer

If you don’t have an air fryer or didn’t test it yet, my suggestion is “just try it”. Because of excess oil, earlier I didn’t have fried foods too much. Air fryers characteristic of cooking with less oil tempted me to cook in it.

When first-time air fryer came at our home, my husband asked me what the item I wanted to cook then was. I answered that I wanted to cook frozen spring rolls for a quick experiment. I thought myself if the gadget could cook this favorably, than it would be OK.

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Is The Air Fryer Really Worthy To Fry Stuff?

Air Fryer Review - 80% Less Oil

The taste of deep-fried foods is excellent, but it absorbs so much oil so it may be liked by you but in addition, there is a presence of significant amount of fat. The highly promoted Philips air fryer give the guaranty that their air fryer fries food using 80 % less oil. But what is the taste of these fried foods? Over the few days, it has been being tested to find out the actual outcome.

When the test of Air fryer has come out, many of my co-workers were instantly doubtful. “How on this planet can you fry something without oil?” they wondered. The response, of course, was that you can’t. This cooking appliance uses a hot air by a fan with a top grill to heat the food from all sides. It is just like a small oven with a fan and resides on your cupboard.

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Cozyna Air Fryer Reviews  

The Cozyna air fryer is a new product; it retails for about $100-200. Strangely, it's not discussed at, a web page for coffee-related kitchen appliances that look compatible with the Cozyna air fryer.

Top three reasons why people choose Cozyna air fryers:

  • Low-fat cooking. As with other air fryers, most buyers are looking for an easy way to reduce fat intake.
  • Relatively low cost. While some similar products are even cheaper, the Cozyna air fryer is less expensive than competing products available in some real-world stores.
  • Efficient cooking for one or two people who don't want to fry too much at one time. Several reviewers mentioned the relatively small cooking space inside the Cozyna air fryer, as a good point (as far as they were concerned) or as a bad one.

Top five questions and answers about Cozyna air fryers:

Actually, Amazon's Q&A page showed only three entries so far. Possibly that's because some of the standard questions people asked about earlier air fryers are already answered on the main Amazon page for the Cozyna air fryer.

1. Where is this product made?

Answer: China.

2. Can it be used with 220-volt wiring?

Answer: Although the Cozyna is marked with metric measurements, it doesn't seem to be designed for use with non-U.S. wiring.

3. How big is this air fryer?

Answer: It weighs only 13.6 pounds (and holds only about 6 pints--3.2 liters--much less than the Big Boss holds, although reviewers hint that smaller amounts of food cook better even in the Big Boss). A Google search reveals that, so far, nobody seems to have measured the length and width of a Cozyna air fryer. That's hard to believe, but I checked seven different retail sites.

4. How much electricity does the Cozyna air fryer use?

Answer: 1500 watts.

5. How easy is the Cozyna air fryer to use?

Answer: It's so user-friendly that the only question anybody thought of asking about using it was "How do you open it?" (Answer: after opening the package, you remove the tape over the handle and pull out the handle.) It should come with a recipe book, and some customers report success with recipes of their own.


This new, barely tested product seems to be standing up to the competition: on Amazon the Cozyna air fryer is showing about 4.5 out of 5 stars, on the basis of customer reviews.


Big Boss Air Fryer Reviews  

Big Boss manufactures several kitchen appliances. Their air fryers are distinctive because, like Big Boss convection ovens, they consist of a transparent round bowl below the heating unit, in which cooks can watch food brown. All the different models and colors use only 1300 watts, retail for $75-175, and average 3.5 to 4.5 out of 5 stars at Amazon. (A blue-topped model currently rates five out of five...on only one review.)

One reason for the mixed reviews may be that this brand has been on the market longer than some, and thus got more reviews from people who didn't know what to expect from air fryers. However, some reviewers disliked specific features of Big Boss air fryers, especially the bright lights. These air fryers use a combination of convection, halogen, and infrared light to heat food; some people expressed concern about possible harmful effects of using infrared light, and some foods don't cook well in this type of fryer.

Top three reasons why people choose Big Boss air fryers:

  1. To cook healthy at home. One review mentioned that lean meats that "turn into nasty little hockey pucks" in a conventional broiler or oven air-fry to perfection in about 20 minutes in the Big Boss.
  2. Tidiness. Big Boss users report that even though the bowl part of the air fryer is heavy and needs frequent cleaning, it's still a huge improvement over cleaning a deep-fat fryer.
  3. Roomy cooking area. The Big Boss comes with stacking racks that allow fat to drain out of foods like chicken (even small turkeys) while they cook, and that big, heavy bowl can also be used as a mixing bowl. (On the other hand, some customers thought the Big Boss was too big--sixteen inches across the base and, since the bowl heats up in use, this fryer definitely needs space where it's out of everyone's way.)

Top five questions and answers about Big Boss air fryers:

1. Where's the recipe book?

Answer: Apparently several customers failed to receive a 45-page instruction book that includes sample recipes. More recipes have been shared at a web site dedicated to this fryer.

2. How hard is this device to clean?

Answer: The lid, which forms the bottom of the heating unit, has to be washed by hand. The bowl has to be lifted carefully in and out of the machine after frying meat. On the other hand, if what you air-fry are mostly cut vegetables, you could just wipe the bowl (after it cools down) and run the racks through the dishwasher.

3. How big is the Big Boss air fryer?

Answer: Noticeably bigger and heavier than some other air fryers: 16" wide, 12" high, 15-18 pounds.

4. Are there any known medical reasons not to use infrared light in cooking?

Answer: Infrared light is what's used in microwave ovens, so it's generally regarded as safe.

5. Is it possible to bake in the Big Boss?

Answer: The Big Boss is not recommended for baking cake or bread in pans. The use of infrared light suggests that traditional baked goods might not come out well. (That's what the company makes ovens for.)


This air fryer has been on the market for years. Depending on how they've used it, some people report that it may not last as long as they expected, and/or parts may be hard to repair or replace. All light bulbs eventually burn out, but the company might be well advised to make it easier to find the kind their air fryer uses, since those who use Big Boss fryers seem to want to use them for years. (This is not yet a valid brand comparison; some other air fryers haven't been around long enough for customers to evaluate how long they last.)

The Big Boss might be the best choice for someone who air-fries whole chickens or young turkeys (up to 14 pounds), since it's designed to hold this volume of food and to be cleaned easily afterward. The big glass bowl is definitely not ideal for anyone with weak or shaky hands. The combination of features from convection and microwave ovens seems to present novel challenges and opportunities for creative cooks.

Avalon Bay Air Fryer Reviews  

Avalon Bay is a more specialized manufacturer currently offering just three products: ice makers, coolers for wine bottles, and air fryers. The air fryers inspired enough customer loyalty to launch one independent web page where a customer and friends had posted, as of August 7, 2015, ten recipes. Avalon Bay air fryers retail for about $100.

Top three reasons why people choose Avalon Bay air fryers:

  1. Low-fat frying. Several reviewers mention the taste and crispness of air-fried food, especially potatoes. No oil needs to be added to food unless you want to add oil for flavor.
  2. Easy cleaning. Even those who brushed or sprayed oil onto food (before or after frying) mention having to clean only the fryer basket.
  3. Price. Several satisfied Avalon Bay users mentioned living in small apartments. One said, "Every college dorm should have one."

Top five questions and answers about Avalon Bay air fryers:

1. What can I cook with this device? Is there a cookbook?

Answer: Basic instructions come with the device. Fancier recipes are available online; those who've tested recipes from a web site dedicated to air-frying say those recipes work with the Avalon Bay fryer, and one customer who had a recipe book for a different brand of air fryer said those recipes also served her well. Minimalist cooks who just drop in cut potatoes, zucchini, sausages, etc. and cook until done give the Avalon Bay fryer good ratings.

2. How big is it?

Answer: It's 13" wide, 11" high, and weighs 13.6 pounds.

3. Does the Avalon Bay air fryer cook breaded or battered foods?

Answer: This fryer gets mixed reports for breaded and battered food. It will definitely cook the food, but some foods come out better than others.

4. Can you bake a cake in it?

Answer: The Avalon Bay air fryer doesn't come with cake pans, nor does the home page mention pans being available. However, an air fryer can be described as "a mini convection oven," and it's safe for metal pans if you have pans that fit.

5. What's the wattage?

Answer: The air fryer plugs into a standard 120-volt wall socket, but apparently uses 1500 watts, so it might cause a power surge in some buildings. I wouldn't plug it into the same circuit with a computer.


Those who want a relatively low-priced air fryer, and chose an Avalon Bay fryer, generally seem to love it. Only one reviewer complained of having received an apparently defective fryer ("handle rusted"), and some mention that this fryer seems to ship well. The majority of customers who don't like Avalon Bay fryers seem to be people who don't like air-fried food. A few wanted more detailed instructions; by now, reading the Amazon page for this product will help. By and large Avalon Bay air fryers get excellent reviews.