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Hi, everybody!

My name is Sara McConnell. My main job is a chef and I am currently working in a 3-star-hotel. There are not many things to describe me, except the hobby of cooking and the sharing cooking experience as well. This is the largest motivation for me to setup this blog. I do hope to get acquainted with someone having the same hobby as well as learn more about cooking tips along with new recipes from you.

I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in a family where both my grandmother and my mother loved cooking. This is the reason why I started cooking since my childhood. At the age of 16, I decided to become a professional chef and has attended some courses in the professional training schools in my hometown.

I established my first restaurant when I was 24 years old and since then I have achieved a lot of prestigious awards, such as the Legion of Honor Medal; Michelin 2-star honors; Awards of Elite American chef, etc. Up to now, I own 4 restaurants in America, including a 2-star restaurant, a 1-Michelin-star restaurant, but one important thing is every day I do the cooking, which brightly means creating new dishes with the simple philosophy is to bring the joy and the comfort for myself to enjoy every moment of life.

What I’m most proud of the American cuisine is the basic skills, because when it comes to any culinary background, for example, French, Italy, China, etc. There are many restaurants of Italy, India, and Thailand around the world, but all of them did things in an incorrect way in reality and not in accordance with what should have been respected as well as preserved in original recipes.

For instance, the Italian Spaghetti noodles are famous with the sauce made from fresh tomatoes as well as by using elaborate and complex techniques in the kitchen. However, it is recently made in a too simple way that industry from the tomato sauce close bottle with no fewer preservatives, chemical. Or some Thai restaurant in Europe, it absolutely is not Thai food that was only thanks to 1-2 variations similar materials. But as to when to Vietnam, go into the kitchen, the first thing I see is the hard work of the hands, it’s very basic and true to what I would like to see.

Besides, long ago, the Italy, Belgium, Germany and Europe are looking to France to learn the most basic things about cuisine and French cuisine, which includes all the basics about cooking, the ones related to the reorganization and prepare for cooking, it’s very sophisticated and complex. I am proud of all the understanding of a food processing from skillful hands of those who have been creating a sustainable value of French cuisine.

Travelling is something I enjoyed because I’ve discovered a lot of new vegetables, attractive for the cuisine from many places around the world. For example herbs, peppers, etc. When I start working with other foreign chefs, I also wish to learn to use a lot more spices and food of their countries to incorporate into my dish. There are very strange things, like a culinary fate with some nations. 30 years ago I had a very close friend who is a Vietnamese chef who is now living in France. He discovered the guise leaves and introduced them to me. It is the first spice Vietnam I was packed and from which I was very impressed with this leaf, I’ve used it for his dishes and guests are made to love.

Every time I step into the kitchen, I used a lot of domestic material. But the most impressed ingredient for me is the shrimp. There are many kinds of shrimps from different countries and all of them have very good quality. For my time in Philippine, I introduced my guests some new dishes with the main recipe of shrimp and even traditional French dishes. In particular, cabbage dishes thousand layers, which uses ingredients from two countries. They are cabbage, one of the popular raw materials of Indonesia and tiger shrimps which are also very popular in Philippine. Then, the remaining ingredients are French cuisine which was used a lot of, like crackers with garlic and ginger, beef marrow. This dish is very pleasant, suitable for the domestic people.

Last but not least, the most important thing is myself be here to share the culinary passion with all of you as well as introduce some very useful kitchen gears to support your cooking.

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